These Simple SEO Tips Will Help You Rank Better on Google

Summary-SEO still remains the most important factor for ranking websites in search engines. Here we list the simplest SEO tips to rank your websites better without any assistance.

Simple SEO Tips

The web is booming like ever and Google is tightening the noose to keep its search result as relevant as possible for its users. Google handles over 2 trillion searches in a year now. You can estimate how difficult it can be to keep the quality of SERP top notch. In this warfare between the search giant and spammers, common folks get into the crossfire. It is possible that your SEO tactics get outdated sooner than you expect.

This is why we have summed the most basic SEO configurations that will always remain relevant to help you to maximize the exposure to all the search engines and not just Google.

The tips we are about to share are simple to implement and can boost your SEO effectively.

Optimize Titles and URL

It is the oldest trick in the book yet a very few people actually implement it the right way. SEO friendly titles and descriptions matter and this is why Google keeps updating its SERP limitations. In the latest update, Google increases the limit of snippets from 160 characters to 230 characters.

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Therefore you need to take care of the titles and meta description you use. Simple rule is to make them-

  • More Descriptive
  • Catchy and Friendlier For Readers
  • Give a Dood Idea of The Content and Website
  • Makes User Click The Result

Nothing grabs the attention of users more than a unique and meaningful title following a well-formatted URL and catchy description.

So, go back to your dashboard and evaluate those titles and descriptions used on your website to see if there is room for improvement. And do it on priority basis!

Refresh website with useful content

You need to keep up with the content freshness on your website or blog as it is an important factor associated with SEO. Not only will it attract more readers to your website but will also keep your existing ones engaged.

We all know the success online is all about user retention and engagement. And content is not articles but also includes videos, infographics, music, comments, slideshows, and reviews. Don’t let your site content get static or old as that will drive visitors away.

Due to the intense competition, it has become vital for SEO to keep updating content on the website. Look at it from keywords point of view. The more content you add to your site, the more keywords you will be able to target, and the better will be your chances of winning the ranking race.

Work on your website’s loading time

Google Mobile Indexing First has dramatically changed how site loading time affects the SEO. Now page speed is a major ranking factor. Do whatever you need to do to improve your site speed. Most people I know of do not pay much heed to the loading time of their web pages. They are doing a big mistake that eventually takes a toll on their ranking.

If your competitor’s website loads faster than yours, then you can never beat the competition.

Make use of Google PageSpeed Insight tool to know your website’s and pages’ loading time.

Page Speed

Look for the areas with a scope of improvement. Faster loading time means more sales and more revenues. The faster your website loads the more page views it will have.

There are many ways to improve your website’s loading time immediately. Even if you are not a technical person, still you can implement these quick hacks to bring down the loading time of your website. Start with:

  1. Removing or compressing big images
  2. Replace small images with sprites on your site to reduce the HTTP redirects
  3. Remove unnecessary JavaScript files from pages
  4. Content Delivery Network or CDN can dramatically increase your site speed
  5. Switch to a faster cloud based hosting

That’s where you can start and work upwards if required.

Register with Google and Bing webmaster tools

One of the biggest mistakes webmasters make is not to get their websites registered with Google and Bing webmaster tools as soon as they start. You can never expect to rank higher in SERP if your website is not in webmaster tools as you miss on the huge amount of insight data you get from these tools.

I cannot think of a valid reason why someone is not willing to use such powerful analytical tools that can do wonder for their website rankings.

Both Google and Bing offer free webmaster tools and you should use them. If you think not using the webmaster tool you can hide from search engines and rank higher using shady tactics then you are in for a disappointment. For sustainable long-term rankings,, there are no shortcuts. Follow the test and tried White Hat SEO techniques.

It’s easy to get registered in Google Webmaster, just visit the link and follow the steps prompted. Once you are successfully registered with the Webmaster tool, you will start receiving all kind of valuable and useful insights like:

  • Crawl errors
  • Number of indexed pages
  • Search queries
  • Number of incoming links
  • Number of internal links

I find Google Webmasters Tool the best for beginners to learn about SEO and internal aspects of their websites that affect the rankings.


SEO is important to stay relevant for search engines. There is no other way to get your websites ranked and indexed by search engines than following the valid SEO methods.

These SEO tips are easy to implement and important techniques that you can use for your blog, ecommerce store or a content website.

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