WordPress Hosting Services for Better Growth

If you switch to WordPress hosting, your WordPress website will perform better!

Yes, you read that correctly. WordPress sites run more efficiently when you host them on a server exclusive to WordPress. Many users are unaware that WordPress hosting has more to offer than standard hosting.

Shared hosting is not wasteful. It works great, but WordPress cloud hosting includes WordPress-optimized features. It adds more value to the platform than shared hosting does.

You must download, install, and configure all WordPress settings on shared hosting. In contrast, the configuration and installation of WordPress is not an issue. It is ready to go for the WordPress platform.

Almost every website on the internet is a WordPress site if you look closely. WordPress is a popular Content management system that is simple to use and manage. It simplifies website creation for users by providing free and premium themes.

However, very few users are aware of cheapest wordpress hosting. Many of their tasks will get easy to complete if they switch to WordPress hosting.

It is also critical to look for the best hosting provider in addition to the best hosting service. If you are a beginner, it is crucial to look for the best web host.

It will help you grow your business because poor service can hinder progress.

MilesWeb has proven to be an excellent web hosting service provider, including WordPress hosting. They are best known for providing high-quality, low-cost hosting services.

If you choose MilesWeb as your hosting provider, you will receive numerous benefits that will aid in your business’s growth.

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Advantages

MilesWeb has 9 years of experience in the hosting market. Many website owners have benefited from long-term profitable hosting services. The services are accessible to all users due to their inexpensive cost.

MilesWeb provides high-quality WordPress hosting. This hosting package comes with three options. All of them are cost-effective and content.

If you now host your WordPress site on shared hosting, you may quickly switch to MilesWeb WordPress hosting. The host will manage it.

With MilesWeb, Solo, Prime, and Multi plan are available.

Beginners can use the solo plan. It allows you to host a single website and includes all necessary functionality. The resources in the Prime and Multi shared hosting plans are expandable.

You can also choose the Multi plan if you wish to host many websites. It allows customers to host an unlimited number of websites with no restriction.

After the 70% discount, the solo plan would cost you Rs. 60 per month. Users that sign up for a three-year WordPress hosting plan will receive a discount.

Honestly, the offer is wonderful because it allows one to save a lot of money.

The Prime and Multi plans from MilesWeb cost Rs. 195 and Rs. 255 per month, respectively. They bring extra value by providing a better amount of resources.

There are numerous advantages to using MilesWeb WordPress hosting. They also include a few complimentary services that just a few firms incorporate in their WordPress hosting options.

Benefits to Enjoy with MilesWeb

.com Domain for Free

MilesWeb includes one free.com domain with all WordPress hosting options. You can get a free.com domain for the first year if you purchase any plan for one to three years.

Also, the offer is valid on Prime and Multi WordPress hosting plans. You don’t get a free domain on the Solo plan.

SSL Certificate for Free

With your WordPress hosting plan, you’ll get a free SSL certificate. The certificate will aid in the protection of web content as well as the vital data shared by users.

Website Builder

With MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting services, you get a free website builder tool. You can use the tool to create a beautiful website using the simple drag and drop function.

Plus, there are more than thousands of free themes and templates for you to use.

30 Days Money Back

MilesWeb offers a 30-days money-back guarantee with its WordPress hosting services. If they fail to meet your expectations of web hosting services, you can request a refund within the first 30-days of your purchase.

24/7 Human Support

MilesWeb offers 24/7 complete customer support to its users. Whenever you have queries or need help, you can reach out to them via chat or email.


With WordPress hosting, you need not worry about updates as there will be automatic updates. In fact, the team will take care of the manual updates. MilesWeb has an expert support team and, they will assure the best service possible.


WordPress hosting is a great solution for WordPress websites. It is an exclusive product for the platform and offers tons of benefits.

WordPress hosting service is pre-configured for the WordPress platform. It reduces any time invested in downloading and installing applications. With WordPress hosting, you can eventually increase the efficiency and performance of the website.

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