What is the Ideal Word Limit for Blogs to Rank Well?

A lot of people love writing blogs. While some write them just for fun, some do that to earn money. When you are looking forward to earning from your blogs, the utmost priority is to get them ranked well on Google. After all, if a user is able to see your blog among the top few links of his search, then only he will come to your site and be a source of revenue.

Rank Your Blog Well

Now, the major worry is, how to get them ranked well? Firstly, you need to check your SEO. You need to make sure that whatever you are writing, are people really searching? If yes, go on and create a nice SEO article. But just including the keywords will be of no help. Your article should be grammatically correct and should have an appropriate word limit.

Ideal Word Limit

Now, SEO can be easily done. Almost everybody is aware of how to do it. But what should be the ideal word limit for your article? How long should be the article for Google to recognize it and rank it well? This is the most curious question which raises in everybody’s mind while writing the articles.

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BUT, the number is not fixed. Over the years, it has kept on varying, depending upon Google policies & updates as well as the topic in consideration. Previously, most of the SEO consultants pushed on the word limit of 250 atleast, for each article. But even that seemed too much for the people. Even viewers used to get fed up of reading long content. But that worked well with Google long back.

Now, even that has changed. There is no particular word limit when it comes to ranking well. Sometimes, Google gives credit to 250 words article, or sometimes it may take sides of 2000 words article. Many companies today are even making up to 3000-5000 words content just to give a holistic approach to the topic.

What to do now?

Confused, right? Google does not follow a particular word limit always. People think longer articles help. But that is not always true. People sometimes shy away from reading lengthy articles, making the bounce rate high, which in turn drops your rankings.

So finally, how would you decide what to do? Follow the below pointers and all your problems will be solved.

  • Forget what Google wants

    – Throw away all your previous assumptions. If you think people will not like long articles, or if you think Google will not rank shorter articles, ignore everything. Many a times, longer articles rank well. While many times, shorter articles are preferred more.

  • Ask the readers

    – This is the most basic and required point. People tend to write what they want to write. And then they get worried why is it not ranking. May be people are not interested to read about what you have written, no matter how long it is. So, always ask your readers what they want to read about.

  • Try Analytics

    – There are various tools that help in analytics and testing. Check out what is working well on internet. Which topics are gaining more popularity? What length is being preferred by people for similar articles? Which topics are having higher bounce rates? Study the analytics carefully before diving in to writing.

  • Convey everything

    – Depending upon your topic, check if you have covered everything or not. Don’t think about the word limit, just check if all basic questions and pointers are covered in your article. If everything is covered, close the topic. For Example if you are creating a page about Punjabi songs, then make it as concise as possible like its done here. Do not create 5 different posts about the same topic.

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