4 Effective WordPress Comment Management Plugins

It is a documented fact that comments, when used effectively, are valuable SEO strategy. Comments offer businesses an opportunity to gain free back-links, however, when used ineffectively, it can backfire real quick and bad.

When guests visit your site, they may be fascinated by what they read/see and can decide to comment and through positive comments, you get people to patronize your product or service allows you to have more income without much stress.

Wordpress Comment Plugins

Although this sounds very nice and pleasing to the ears, owners of online businesses must be informed of the need to manage the comments of audience on their website as this might either build up your site and increase the growth of your business or become detrimental to your site and in turn become a source of downfall for your business. The power of comment can either make or mar your online business, hence, the need to manage it effectively.

Having emphasized the usefulness of comments in for your business. Countless blog administrations have lost important files due to a variety of reasons including losing internet connection, clicking the wrong button, or getting technologically hijacked by hackers. The amount of work that was done over a span of years can unexpectedly be nowhere to find. Making one be on the verge of losing one’s mind.

Fortunately, you do not have to go through this sad experience as there are ways to prevent this on WordPress via diverse Comment Managers. They say prevention is better than cure right? Using WordPress comment manager backup plugins allows blog administrators to safely store comments and all other necessaries. Below, you will find a compilation of some of the most highly-rated WordPress blog backup plugins available in the industry. Read on, decide for yourself, and choose. Below are five effective comment managing plug-ins that are essential for your online business.

WP DB Manager:

This is currently the most popular backup plugin for WordPress. It helps blog administrators to set-up an automated backup schedule for their site’s database (via a server or email backup). You may also choose to manually download it. The user-friendly set-up also allows the blog administrator to select which items to repair, delete, optimize, or restore to the database. It is imperative to take note that the WP DB Manager could only back-up the content, not the entire WP blog.

Online Backup for WordPress:

This particular plugin actually lets you store 50MB to their server without a cost. Like the WP DB Manager, the solution it offers is not comprehensive because again, it can only backup the database with comment contents inclusive. The secure encryption will ensure that your data is digitally safe. Besides that, the Online Backup for WordPress usually serves as an alternative to similar services.


Helps to backup files across social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and even Gmail. Its flexibility is its main advantage. But otherwise, Backupify provides an almost similar service to its more popular counterparts. This could help in managing comments on WordPress if used appropriately.

Automatic WordPress Backup:

Unlike WP DB Manager, the Automatic WordPress Backup plugin is more comprehensive. It allows users not only to back up their database or comments but also their themes, photos, plug-ins, and all other uploaded files. You can manually or automatically backup WordPress by signing up for Amazon S3 storage services. One drawback is that it is only compatible with Linux servers. Overall though, at $.150 per GB (from Amazon S3), the cost of using this is minimal compared to other services. VaultPress is another tool very fine at helping managing comments on WordPress. There are several other tools which could aid as comment manager for WordPress and the likes.

So, WordPress comment manager has a lot factors as subs as tools which can actually aid in the management of comments on WordPress. The aforementioned explanations would help on getting one to work for you and/or your site.

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