How To Increase Website Traffic (7 Proven Strategies)

In this post i am going to show how you can increase your website traffic and how to get thousands of page views instantly. Every new blogger and webmaster trying to increase website traffic fast but many bloggers get fails because don’t have proven strategy and plans.

The problem is you are focusing on the wrong system and wrong strategy. You need to focus on right audience of your niche. Many people creating the great content for there blog but they not getting enough traffic to the content because they promote content in a bad way.

Increasing website traffic is not difficult if you follow the right procedure and actionable strategy to increase website traffic. More traffic will help you to generate more sales and get more income from your website, So you need to pay extra attention to drive more traffic to your website and increase it with right strategies.

Increase Website Traffic

Here i am sharing the real and extreme ways to get thousands of pageviews on your website and how to increase website traffic fast. This guide will helpful for every new bloggers who trying to increase traffic to the blog. Increasing the traffic is quite easy when you promote your website on right place.

 1. Start Guest Blogging

It is the most effective way to promote your website on other blogs and you can increase your brand popularity. You can get one more backlink via guest blogging which is helpful to increase your search engine visibility and you get traffic too.

Find the high quality blogs of your niche and content the owner of that blog for guest blogging. Search best sites in your niche and make great content for guest post, don’t write post for only getting backlink. Create peaceful content that is helpful for readers and if readers love your post then they will definitely come on your website.

 2. Share On Social Media

Every people is using social media sites to connect to other peoples and finding some useful information or knowledge. Social media sites allowed you to share image, videos and your links but if you promote links in spammy way then you will be banned from social media sites.

Social media sites like facebook, twitter, pintrest and reddit are the most popular social media platforms to promote your content and links. Create your profiles on popular social media sites and find peoples and categories of your niche and then share your best content on relevant categories.

Social Media Sharing

Many websites earning thousands of visitors with social media and generate leads with this technique. You can also promote your content, images and videos to get visitors from social media sites. First you should create your fan pages on every social media sites and increase likes on your pages by sharing quality content regularly.

 3. Improve Your SEO

Every webmaster wants to get more clicks from search engines but you need to improve your SEO to generate organic traffic. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is very important part of any website or blog because every person is using search engine to find news, information, tips, recipe, services and many more.

You can Improve your SEO with few simple steps, here I’m sharing some important steps of SEO.

Step #1: On Page SEO

  • Use meta tags properly in your blog post.
  • Include your keywords in the title of blog post or webpage.
  • Optimize your images, use ALT and title tag in images.
  • Avoid posting duplicate content on your web pages.
  • Use SEO friendly url structure.
  • Maintain the keyword density in your content.
  • Create content that contain at least 600 words.
  • Create and submit xml sitemap to search engines.
  • Also make robots.txt file submit it to search engines.

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Step #2: Off Page SEO

  • Share your webpage on social bookmarking sites.
  • Create press releases and submit on press release sites.
  • Make backlinks with profile creation sites.
  • Participate on forums to get high authority backlinks and referral traffic.
  • Comment on other blogs of your niche to make strong relationship with other bloggers.
  • Submit your webpage to high pr directory submission sites.
  • Create classified ad submission to promote your services.
  • Create RSS fee for your website.
  • Promote your content on article submission sites.

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 4. PPC

You are already focusing on the organic traffic, why not take it to paid side as well? Pay per click has positive impact on organic click through rate. Many big brands are using PPC to improve their brand name and PPC will help to generate extra leads.

If you are hoping that more organic traffic to your website will convert in more sales then you will need to target more commercial keyword in your PPC campaign. Find your best PPC keywords with google keyword research tool and make your first PPC campaign fast.

 5. Speed Up Your Website

Website speed is an important factor in google’s search algorithm. if your website speed is slow, your rankings will going down. Plus if your website is slow, your visitors exit from your site and your bounce rate will increase.

Increase Website Speed

Search engines and visitors both loves the fast loading websites. If your site take too much time to load, it is very big problem to you. Increase the speed of your site to improve visitors experience and increasing new visitors. This is the easiest way to increase your website traffic.

 6. Make Your Website Responsive

Make sure that your website is responsive and properly working in every resolution. Most of the peoples browsing internet with mobile devices and every mobile device have different screen resolution. Ensure that your website is accessible and compatible with mobile devices and different resolutions.

 7. Use Long Tail Keywords

Every blogger wants to rank on high search volume and short keywords like car insurance, buy doors etc. But ranking for short tail keywords is not easy, it is very competitive. So i suggest you to target long tail keywords, research your niche and find low competitive keywords who easy to rank.

Its really help you to increase traffic on your website. long tail keywords are easy to rank and you will get thousands of visitors from search engines.


At the end i hope these tips will help you to increase your website traffic and you easily understand my techniques. If you like this article, share this article on social media and comment your experience about the traffic generation.


  1. As you spoke of guest blogging , i pictured my name on someone else’s blog. And since what you can see, you can achieve ; am going to give it a try. Thank you for the tips

  2. I really liked your simple language that you put up the tips in! I am zero and technicals for website management and this article did provide me some insight!

  3. I am writing my first long tail keyword piece right now. It is not easy, but it is fun! Going into depth and really conquering a topic is time-consuming, but fun (for me)! And, hopefully, in the long-run, it will pay off!

  4. I have done some guest blogging and not only did I get more traffic but also more DA. Great post with some great tips and info thanks for sharing

  5. mastering website traffic is nearly a full-time job, it is hard to keep up. like all over your guide, it is very helpful and will help a lot of people., thank you for putting it together for us

  6. Great tips! I’ve been learning about sharing on social media and with enough work, I am seeing results (particularly from sites like Pinterest!)

  7. I love the option of guest posting, and Sharing our blogs on the social network. From last few weeks, i have tried the options of Guest posting and sudden;y my website traffic increases. Looking forward to doing some more guest posting and boosting my website’s traffic.

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