What Is Blogging?

So you are searching “What is blogging” and wants to know about blogging and how its working. Here i am tell you the complete definition and teach you what is blogging. Blogging becoming very popular in these days and many people chooses blogging as a career.

But before you know “What is blogging“, You need to know about blog. Everyone can start a blog easily and without any technical knowledge because many platforms available to create blogs without coding and technical issues. I suggest my readers to create your first blog on free blogging platforms like blogger or wordpress.com.

After gaining some knowledge about blogging you can switch your blog to self hosted blogging platform, You can promote yourself, your business and of course you can earn money through your blog.

What Is a Blog?

A blog or weblog is very similar  to website and you also can say ” Blog is a informational website or webpage that is contain list of articles about any topic”, Where the posts displayed one by one. Posts are typically shows in reverse order, The most recent post appears first.

Blogs are frequently updated by the blogger or the team of bloggers. Many peoples getting confused about blog and website, so here i am sharing some points to clear your concepts and increasing your knowledge about blogging.

What Is Blogging

  1. Blogs are updated frequently by bloggers and contain many informational articles about any     topic. A blogger can share there own knowledge with the world, and interact many peoples with the blog. Bloggers can share the news, recipe, jocks, images, videos, tutorial, own thoughts and many more. You can also promote your business, services, products on your own blog. Blogs are generally created to share information, tips and news on the internet.
  2. Blogs allow readers to comment on blog posts, share blog posts on social media. Readers can discus with bloggers and other readers via commenting on the blog posts.

What Is Blogging?

Now you understand what is blog and how they works so you can easily understand “What is blogging“. Basically blogging is a process or the habit to share informational articles, tips and, news or other useful stuff on the blog.

Blog posts are the most important component of any blog. A good blog post is contain every point of the post topic and helpful information for readers. The modern blogs posting the articles daily and include the images, videos and other informational links to there posts.

Many people read blogs daily for learning something and increasing the knowledge but they don’t know what is blogging because they are just readers but bloggers must know about blogging and how blog works. Blogs generate lot of visitors after they become popular and receive traffic from social media sites and search engines.

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Some Definitions Related To Blogging:

#Blog : Blog is a online platform to read the information about any topic that is maintained by one person or a team.

#Blogger : The Blogger is an individual who manage the blogs and write, edit the posts of blog. Bloggers is a owner of the blog and frequently post the articles.

#Blog Post : Blog post is basically an article that is written by the blogger, this article can include the image, videos and infographics.

#Blogging : The process of maintaining the blog and sharing blog posts on them, sharing the knowledge to the world, teaching people online and sharing information about any topic.

Why Blogging Is Popular?

Blogging is popular because of many reasons,  like: make money online, online popularity, promoting your business etc. here i am sharing some biggest reasons why blogging is popular:

  • The most biggest reason of the blogging is to making money online with blogs. Many bloggers start blogs for earning money on the internet. You can make money with google adsense and affiliate marketing. Google adsense allow you to display ads on your blogs.
  • Another reason is promoting the own products online. This is a most popular way to promote yourself or your products. You can increase your customers with blogging.
  • Blogging allows you to build trust of peoples and you can build connections through your blogs.
  • SEO is another reason for blogging, Search engines love the fresh content and if you write fresh content on your blog the the search engines rank your blog posts to higher on search results.

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Now you understand about what is blogging and why blogging is so popular. If you thinking about to start blogging, i suggest you to learn every topic about blogging and increase your knowledge and start your first blog on free blogging platforms. After gaining enough knowledge of blogging you can switch your blog to self hosted blogging platform.

You can comment your problems about blogging or ask any question about blogging.


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