How To Install WordPress In 5 Minutes : Step By Step Guide

Hiii readers! today i am sharing the step by step guide to install wordpress for beginners who don’t have any technical knowledge. As we know wordpress is best blogging platform and CMS for creating any website or blog. WordPress is very famous in blogging because it is very easy to use, don’t requires high technical knowledge and one more biggest reason is “this is free”.

WordPress installation is very easy and its take almost 5 minute. In this post i am going to teach you how to install wordpress in five minutes, This is the best guide to install wordpress in few clicks.

How To Install WordPress

Before Installing WordPress

Before installing the wordpress you will need one domain and the web hosting account. You can choose among many wordpress hosting companies, But many new bloggers searching a cheap hosting provider to save money. The average price of several web hosting companies is 3.50 – 7.50$ per month but new bloggers don’t want to expense heavily on web hosting.

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I highly recommend you to use Ipage because ipage is very cheap and every new blogger can easily afford this. Ipage will cost you only 1.99$ per month and its provide one click wordpress installation service. My blog is also hosted on Ipage.

Install WordPress Using MOJO Marketplace

Mojo marketplace provides a one click wordpress installation tool. Several hosting companies use mojo marketplace to provide wordpress installation. For installing wordpress you need to login your hosting account and go to the cPanel.

1. Go to your web hosting account and click on “Log in”.                                                2. Log in with your username and password.                                                                3. Click on “installcentral” under “Scripting and Add-Ons”.

Click on the iconInstall WordPress of wordpress or 1 click install. Both options redirect you to MOJO Marketplace and you will see the install button. Now you need to click on install button.

Wordpess Installation using mojo marketplace

Now mojo marketplace installer ask you to the path of installation. You can choose your domain with drop down menu where you want to install wordpress. Select your domain and click on “Check Domain” button.

Choose Your Domain Name

After this step you will go to other page and you need to click on show advance options check box. You can write your blog title, admin email and admin password, now click on Install Now.

Install Now

Now your wordpress installation is started and you will seen this screen.

Installation underway

After the installation is finished, you will see the massage “Your Install Is completed”.

Now Click on the “View Credentials” then you can see the login details and dashboard link of your website. Save your wordpress username and password.

If you face any problem, please comment on the post and keep reading to learn more about wordpress, blogging and SEO.


  1. nice post for bloggers who want to use WordPress…while reading I went back to my initial days of blogging when WordPress was totally new to me…a great platform for blogging….after installing WordPress and using it for so many years…i have now become fan of WordPress….!!

  2. I wish this blog post had been around when I started using WordPress. It is so informative that it actually answers questions that I had at the time I was starting out! I think that a lot of people will benefit greatly from this post!

  3. I didn’t do the wordpress install myself. But this is great information for those considering the self hosting aspects of blogging. It’s so important to think through everything before you do it.

  4. Thanks for the detailed step by step guide. I’ve been blogging for such a long time, but I haven’t studied the technical side that much. This is super helpful!

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