Some Smart Ideas to Consider while Working with Your Roofing SEO Specialist

Roofing is a very competitive sector with plenty of providers and a wide range of solutions for domestic and business customers to avail. However, there is no doubt that the first place someone may look to find a roofing service will be the search engines. If you check the competitors for roofing services at the search engine results, then there are high chances to get disappointed by seeing their performance if you haven’t already done any SEO.

Even though many factors are contributing towards SEO success, due diligence and ‘local roofing SEO’ promotions are the key. This is more critical if you are trying to marketing your business in a location with a lot of competitors.

Many of the highly experienced marketing executives of roofing companies, who still follow the conventional marketing strategies, are confused about the concept of SEO. For some, it is fully out of their mind and for some others, there are a lot of questions and confusions about how to generate traffic from the search engines for a roofing company.

There are a few who tried SEO but failed. The most probable reason is that they’d fallen for some ‘overnight search engine top ranking’ type of gimmicks, but ultimately ended up losing money and reputation as a result of the black hat SEO techniques practiced by the tricky unprofessional service providers.

With all those who are looking for roofing SEO strategies, here we will discuss a few tips. These inputs can be of use to any roofing companies as well as other home improvement services companies. By diligently practicing these tips and working with a skilled local roofing SEO provider, you can surely boost your roofing website ranking and also get more leads and returns through it.

Roofing SEO

As we discussed above, local SEO is the right digital marketing strategy to be adopted by services like roofing, which mostly expects local customers. From the SEO point of view, you need to be felt relevant to be shown to more number of searchers. SEO display can be considered as a telephone book, where the display of entries is shown in some order.

Similarly, the search engine results are also displayed in an order based on some algorithms and calculations to identify how closely and relevantly a business matches to the requirements of the searcher. So, how can you make your website more likable to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other popular search engines to show it up to the local customers?

  1. Identify location-based keywords

With many competitors, if you want to be on top of the pack, it is important to work on local SEO by finding out the most relevant location-based keywords to plan your website content and social media campaigns. Here are many tools to conduct this keyword search as Google Keyword Planner. It is also worth to experiment with various possible long-tail keywords and keyword variants to support the primary keywords. Once if you dig out the most relevant keywords which can change the fate of your business, next do brainstorming to prepare a basic keyword list.

Some examples are:

  • Roofing contractors (location)
  • (location) roofer
  • Roof repair (location)
  • Roofing service (location) etc.
  1. Effectively implement the keywords.

Once if you identified the most relevant roofing SEO keywords, next you need to incorporate these into your company website and also social media content. Doing it properly can let the customers reach to you when they type for these key terms into search engines. If this provides more visibility to your business, you will start finding more leads and results coming through that channel.

The best practice in roofing SEO is to include the location-based keywords to the page title and metadata. Effectively using keywords to your home page, headers, service pages, social media feeds, and blog posts will help you improve the ranking and also to be shown on results.

  1. Creation of a ‘My Business’ account in Google

If you haven’t done it already, then it is essential to create or claim your My Business account on Google, which is a good way to be shown on top of the searches if anyone makes a brand or service specific inquiry. Creating a new account is very easy on Google My Business, which can also benefit your business more than just getting roofing inquiries.

The customers can instantly view your business and also put their reviews there. You can also get more visibility through this by integrated the Map and Search options in it. You may also add here the office hours and the contact numbers to be shared with the customers.

However, remember that boosting small business local search SEO is a lot more than just using keywords. Based on the latest algorithm of Google, many of the ranking factors which ranked some businesses higher over their competitors were based on the local SEO. If you have multiple office locations, then it is ideal to have a separate web page for each.

  1. Leverage Blogging

A stagnant website could be the worst move you can make in terms of SEO. So, always try to add valuable content and keep on updating your page with good content. When someone comes to Google and search for “ABC roofers,” Google always try to provide the users with the most relevant resources related to the search term. So, if you represent ABC, always make sure that your website and related pages an ultimate resource of ABC roofing.

Along with our website, add your business blogging site too, which you can update from time to time with fresh and informative content on roofing. You may feel free to discuss anything under the sun related to roofing at your blog if you find it valuable for your potential customers. Those who are not serious about blogging, tend to lose a significant amount of traffic through SEO.

Along with these Off Page SEO techniques, you also need to work with a good web designer cum developer to ensure that all the On Page SEO elements are also made perfect.

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