Code Green: 8 Practical Ways To Immediately Intensify Your SEO Rankings

It cannot be denied that the world of business nowadays may it be selling of goods or services do not only take much of a face to face trade. Today’s generation has been dominated by the world of internet and business becomes easier for every market owners has a wider range of accumulating their customers.

That said, one way of attracting more customers is through making a website digging into a term called SEO. Now, what comes first in your mind when you hear the word “SEO”. The SEO or Search Engine Optimization works straightforward on generating high ranking to your websites through traffic generated by visitors and users.

Hence, every business owners who want to dive in making a website for their business and improve their user engagement should think of improving its usability. Below are some practical techniques that you may apply to improve your website’s usability and at the same time improve its SEO ranking.

Beneficial,  Relevant, and High-Quality Content

The time that every user or visitor spend on your website is the most important thing when it comes to SEO ranking. It is called the “Dwell Time”. It means that if your website produces a beneficial, relevant, and high-quality contents then the possibility of users staying on your website is longer.

In some cases, most website owner’s look for longer contents and blogs. While this may be true, a website can generate more rankings when you have shorter content stories that are useful and you have incorporated a lot of keywords and outbound links.

In addition, if your website provides a direct and concise types of content that are beneficial both for your business and possible customers, they would bookmark your website and in this case, they tend to visit your website from time to time which will definitely boost your site’s ranking.

The Speed of Page Load

Most search engines you can find get a page loading account to make sure that they left no user dissatisfied with their services. The longer the loading page the more likely the user has to left losing your chance of getting a possible client.

Bear in mind that there are many ways where you can improve your website loading page. To make it faster you may use caching plugins and be sure that every code used are clean and streamline. It will help reduce redirects which will definitely improve your site’s page load.

Image and Profile Optimization

Every image on the website has its own reason why they are created for a particular size. According to the study, the quality and the size of every image included for your site affects the total performance of your website conversion. At the same time, it also affects your page loading speed.

Besides, when you properly optimize your website’s image, it generates more trust and empathy to every visitor your site has. You may also improve optimizing your site’s image by making it more relevant to your keywords and links. You may also ad title, tag, and description.

Outbound Links and Header Tags

Believe it or not, no one will spend time visiting and reading your website when it comes in full text. Make sure that you do good formatting, find the right header, and make use of header divisions which makes it easier to read. One tip to help you with this is by making it through a WordPress since it would be easier.

Moreover, an outbound link is also important. When you include high authority links to your contents it will provide more in-depth understanding for your readers. Make sure that you do not include a lot of outbound links as it may also distract the readers. Make use of what’s relevant, timely, and useful.

Other Multimedia Source

You have to consider that your site’s visitors have a different sense of understanding. It means that everyone is not a fan of reading and does not spend a lot of time reading your whole content. One way to help you in improving your site’s ranking in when you work incorporating videos, images, and slideshows.

It adds more attention to every site users. It is also coined as “Video Marketing” where it generates high customer engagement because most people can easily understand what your site has to offer.

Layout, Formatting, and Readability

Bear in mind that even though you have a well-educated reader, they won’t probably spend much time reading your content if they can hardly understand it.  You have to make sure that your site’s articles are easy to read and understand.

In addition, you also have to work on simple website layout and formatting. You can visit high ranking websites to get an idea about their site’s formatting and at the same time take time to study the right layout so that your site’s usability is increased.

The Contact Us Page

According to some research, most websites generate a high trust for every user when they have a “Contact Us” page. When you have a good quality and formatted “Contact Us” form, it evidently shows a high user engagement which will improve your site’s overall ranking.

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile phones have also paved a way of making our life easier. Aside from personal computers and laptops, most users will access your site using their mobile phones. It is also best that you design your site where every reader can easily access it using mobile phones.

In the same manner, social sharing will also help improve your site’s ranking. When you have social media buttons included they help in influencing every visitors to click your page and spend some time navigating or reading it.


Why is website ranking and SEO important for your business? Ideally, many business owners believed that they need SEO for their business so they can take part in digital marketing strategies and at the same time cope up with their competitors.

In addition, having a good website usability and improving SEO ranking will help your brand leverage and discover an expanded wide array of audiences and at the same time reaching possible customers and clients. Therefore, it’s always best that you have to make use of the practical ways and techniques laid out above to improve your site’s ranking and generate more income. To achieve this, you can seek help from experts which will give you a full guide in making sure that your site is not just discovered but most importantly, shine.

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