How To Make Money With Google Adsense

Are you searching for how to make money with google adsense? Do you want earn money with google adsense? then i will tell you the complete guide about “how to make money with google adsense”.

Google adsense is really amazing platform to make money online and everyone can make money with google adsense but before you start you need to know some points about google adsense.

Make Money With Google Adsense

What Is Google Adsense?

In my earlier post i have shared the post “What Is Google Adsense” but i will tell you here in few lines.

Google adsense is an advertisement publishing network offered by google, This is designed for bloggers and webmasters. Anyone can apply for this platform with blog, website or youtube channel and earn money with google adsense.

If you have any youtube channel or blog then you can start earning with google adsense easily. You can create ads on google adsense account according to your requirement and blog type.

How much you earn from google adsense?

You can earn easily $100-$100000 and even more but you need huge traffic to earn $100000. Many bloggers generate thousands of dollars monthly with their blogs and youtube channels.

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Ways To Make Money From Google Adsense:

Here i am sharing the ways that will help you to make money from google adsense.

 1. Create Blog On Free Blogging Platforms:

Free blogging platforms are the easiest way to create a blog without any investment. Many Free blogging platform available to create blogs, You can choose any platform according to your needs.

When i started blogging, my first choice was because it is very easy to use and you can signup with your gmail id on blogspot. is also a product of google like adsense.

You can create blog in just 10 minutes on blogspot, This google product is a first choice of many new bloggers. allows you to create pages, posts add images and you can change many templates.

Blogspot also allow you to upload your own design template. You can design your own template or download the free blogger templates from internet and upload on blogspot. But make sure your template is fully responsive and seo friendly.

Blogspot don’t give you the custom domain they give you the blog url like this: but you can purchase domain anywhere and point your domain to your blogspot blog.

 2. Create Self Hosted WordPress Blogs:

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and almost every blogger chooses wordpress for start their self hosted blog. This is the best option for peoples who really serious about blogging because you need to purchase wordpress hosting to start your own blog with custom domain.

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WordPress is making blogging easier and setting up the blog with wordpress is not difficult. Many hosting companies give you the free domain for one year with their hosting plans.

What Next?

  • Design your blog properly and make it attractive.
  • Make your blog seo friendly and apply strong on page seo.
  • Start posting high quality blog posts on your blog.
  • After posting some articles you should do “off page seo” for increasing your search engine visibility.
  • Generate the traffic to your blog.
  • After generating some genuine traffic you can apply for google adsense.

 3. Create YouTube Channel:

This is the most popular platform to make money with google adsense. YouTube is a most popular video sharing site that is allow to create account and upload your own videos. You can produce videos with your smartphone or any video cam.

You can signup on YouTube with your gmail account create channel for free. After Creating the channel make original videos to upload on YouTube, Edit your videos with any video editor and after editing upload video on your YouTube channel.

Your adsense account will be approved fast for the youtube channel but your videos will be monetized after they getting 10000 views according to new policies of adsense.


Adsense is the most popular platform to make money online but the approval process of google adsense is not easy. If you got rejected for first time then don’t get upset, Read the reason of rejection and work on that and apply again.

If you thinking to start blogging then i suggest you to start your first blog on free blogging sites and learn the basics of blogging. When your blog become popular and getting traffic, Switch to self hosted blogging platform.


  1. Even I was wondering about adsense for sometime now and that was a clear and concise attempt to make readers understand what exactly Google AdSense is all about and the way you have made the points is extremely concrete.

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