Why Blogging Is The Backbone Of Marketing

Due to the cut throat competition in the modern world , the marketing have risen as savior of the business. The business houses whether small or large have overwritten selling concept with  marketing concept.

The blogging is often called the backbone of marketing. The marketing coupled to the blogging can show significant increase in your income.

Before knowing why blogging is the backbone of marketing. we should know about

What is blog ?

What is marketing ?

So lets get started.

What is a blog ?

A blog is a often updated online non-public journal or diary. it is a place to showcase yourself to the world. An area to proportion your mind and your passions via internet. But I’ll say that a blog is my own website that i am going to update on an ongoing basis. Blog is a short shape for the phrase web-log .

Blogging Is The Backbone Of Marketing

Till now you must have got a vague idea about‘ what is blog ? ’ So Let’s go deeper


As so often happens in the English language, many derivatives of the word blog have been created. One who participates in the activities of maintaining a blog is known as a blogger and the activity of keeping a blog is known as blogging. So we could say that the blogger blogs about blogging, however that might question our qualification. The terms which are used :

Blog  – A journal or diary that is shared on the Internet.

Blogger – A person who keeps a blog. For example : me

Blogging – The action of writing a blog.

Originally blogs were known primarily as diaries, everyday tasks became base for journal entries . Somehow these writers gained a following and the hobby of blogging was born. Today people write about far more interesting topics , every conceivable topics can be found .

What is Marketing ?

According to the business books the marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Marketing is made of following

  • Product (something to sell)
  • Price (compensation to services)
  • Place (place of selling)
  • Promotion (inducing sales)

Or in the layman language any activity with prompt a buyer to buy his services is marketing. The activities may be advertisement , direct sales or whatever.

However , the marketing is a 20th century. Earlier it’s used to be selling. The selling is a process of selling the goods to the customer by hook or crook.


  • Emphasis on consumer needs and want.
  • Company first determines customers needs and wants and then decides out how to deliver a product to   satisfy these wants.
  • Customer oriented.


  • Emphasis is on the product.
  • Company Manufactures the product first.
  • Stresses needs of seller.
  • Seller oriented.

Blogging is backbone of marketing.

What is the connection between blogging and marketing ?

This might be the question that might pooped up in your mind. Well we can say that marketing and blogging are compliment​ry or blogging is the backbone of marketing.

These points might clear out every query :

1. Give you an identity.

The biggest advantage of blogging is that it give you a identity , you become a brand in your niche if you produce exceptional content and have the patience because the success cannot be made overnight. There many exceptional bloggers who are making millions just by the brand value.

For example : If you want to buy a shoes would you prefer Nike or a local brand. Of course niche because of it’s brand value. You can see what a brand value or identity can do to your business. Now , imagine you can just market your products just by your name. All thanks to Blogging.

2. Blogging Is Query Buster.

According to the Google , a customer before buying a products or services makes comprehensive queries and searches about it. In the course of making several queries they might encounter your competitors , so you might lose a potential buyer.

Now, imagine you have a blog where you market your products or services and you provide complete solution to the queries of the customer. The big business websites have blogs for this purpose only. There is a rule in marketing that :

your loss is your competitors gain.

3. Blog Content Never Dies.

According to Google , the content on social networking sites like Facebook , twitter etc have maximum age of 3-4 weeks , whereas the age of blog post is upto 2-3 years. You can see the difference a post goes viral on Facebook for maximum 2-3 weeks and then vanishes where as the blog post continue to bring traffic even years after of it posting.

There comes many days when we need the break of your job and just want to relax. Then who will market your products , services and content , the answer is your blog which would bring in tons of traffic and lot of money.

4. Blogging Is A Safe Way Out.

The traditional ways of marketing like publishing in newspaper , ads , phamplets and free gifts requires large resource of money and moreover these couldn’t  target the potential buyers and audience.

The modern marketing involves marketing online through Facebook ads , Pinterest , Reddit , Twitter etc. But its also require investment as the ads need to be funded.

While modern marketing is quite cheaper than traditional. But in comparison to blogging it is expensive for a blog what do you need ?

  • Domain 
  • Hosting 
  • Content 
  • Patience 

Only domain and hosting will cost you rest is your hard work.

5. Blogging Can Be The Extra Source Of Income.

Apart from the income you generate by the selling of your services and products , you can generate few extra dollars ,might be few thousand extra dollars through blogging. There are many ways through which we can earn through blogging :

  • AdSense
  • Affiliate
  • Paid reviews
  • Sponsored post
  • Referral income


Blogging was never different from marketing , they might not be the same thing but blogging was always at the back of the marketing and will always be at it’s back. Thus we can say that: Blogging is backbone of marketing.

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