What Is SEO?

Hiii readers!!! are you searching what is seo? You are in the right place, you can get all seo answers here. first thing i tell you the meaning of seo. The SEO is stand for search engine optimization and i thing everyone knows the meaning of seo but not everyone knows how to do seo and how seo works. Now here I explain the whole thing about seo.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Search engine basically called the process to improve the visibility of our blog or website for increasing more traffic to website. seo is very simple you can do it yourself for your blog and easily can increase quality and relevant organic traffic to your blog. the first point of seo is that you must create content for users, not for search engine because search engines don’t like poor content or duplicate content.

What is SEO

Search engines only like the useful content that helps users for there needs so create meaningful and helpful content. many bloggers make mistakes like creating duplicate, copied articles to there blogs and choosing the black hat seo techniques for increasing traffic and rankings of there blog but after some time the blog is getting low in traffic and rankings. so don’t try black hat seo techniques for fast growth in blogging because this can harm your blog.

Now i sharing the types of seo. there is a two type of seo:

  1. ON-Page SEO

On page seo is a process to apply the search engines guide lines to your blog or blog post like Title, keywords and description of your blog post. this can help search engines to understand about your blog as well as helping your readers to searching your blog on search engines.

Here i sharing the points about On-Page SEO:

  • Write unique and useful title for blog and blog posts.
  • Add meaningful description for every blog post that can help search engines and readers to understand about your post.
  • Use keywords in your meta tags that can help search engines to increase your SERP’s.
  • Write unique and useful content for readers.
  • Optimize our images, use alt tag on your blog’s images and also add the title in images.
  • Choose simple url format for your posts like http://yourblog/yourblogpost/ instead of http://yourblog/*1%!*
  • Reduse the loading tile of your blog because many readers can quit your blog for consuming long time of loading your blog.

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   2. OFF Page SEO

Off page seo is the process to promote your blog on other websites and blogs. off page seo helps you to flow trust on your website, create relationship in your niche and making the presence of your blog on internet.

Some points of Off Page SEO:

  • Submit your blog to the relevant blog directories of your niche.
  • Make relationship to other bloggers via Blog Comment.
  • Share your content on popular social networks like facebook and twitter.
  • Create the peaceful content that other bloggers wants to link your post.
  • Don’t post spam comments or forum posts to gain backlinks.

I will share complete on page and off page tutorial in the next posts, so keep visiting this blog to learn more about SEO and Blogging.


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