What Is Content Marketing And How To Do It

As we know content is the king and content is very important for the website and blog. Now the marketing strategies are changing, In the earlier days the businesses was uses many different marketing technique to grow their online business.

When we talking about the marketing then we think only about the paid marketing strategies and tools. But this is not enough today because the audience needs more information to choose better product for buying.

Content Marketing

Now you think how to provide information to your audience about your product or services. The simple solution for this problem is ‘content marketing’. This is most trending marketing strategy that will definitely give you the positive results.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a one of the best marketing strategy, In this marketing technique we focus on creating and distributing quality, relevant and valuable content on the various content marketing platforms.

Content marketing is helping to attract and engage targeted audience to our website. There are both paid and free content marketing platforms available to promote your content online. But this is depends on you, how you smartly choose best platform for your content.

How to Create Perfect Content for Content Marketing

Now i am sharing the perfect content creation strategy to engage and attract more audience on your website. You can produce many types of content but you need to research what the audience is looking for.

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Follow The Steps To Create Valuable Marketing Content:

First of all research about your topic and know what is trending now. Use social media sites like facebook, Twitter and reddit to find the trending topics of your niche.

After doing research, start writing your content. Describe about your topic on first 2-3 paragraph of your content. Insert some attractive images on your post, Readers love visual effects on articles.

Write at least more than 600+ word content because some content marketing platforms do not allow to post less word count content.

Types of Content

You can write many types of content according to your niche and product. See the list below:

  1. Review: Most of the peoples wants to read reviews before purchasing any product. So you should write awesome review of your product and then your audience will attract to your product or services.
  2. Help and How to: Write the post on problem solution. The readers likes
    problem solving posts..
  3. Comparison: This is another great type of content. Compare the products and write the advantage and disadvantages of both products. After reading the content your audience can easily choose the best product.
  4. Share the Coupons and Discount: This type of content is a better chance to attract more audience and helpful to generate leads. Share the coupons and discount codes on your content and promote your content.

How to Promote Content

Now I will tell you the best ways to promote your content on different content marketing platforms.

  • Article Submission Sites: Article submission sites are the best platform to promote your content. Submit your content on high pr article submission sites and grow your brand name easily.
  • Submit Guest Post: This is very effective platform for content marketing. Search the high authority blogs on your niche and post your content on them.
  • Press Release Submission: Press release sites are visited by millions of peoples so this is the awesome place for content marketing. Create press release for your brand or product and submit on press release submission sites.
  • Paid Reviews: Many blogs provides this type of services, You just need to find blogs that accept paid review submission. Write the review of your product and send it to blog owner.
  • Sponsored Post: This is very similar to guest post but you need to pay for sponsored post, this is the difference between guest post and sponsored post. The price of sponsored post is depends on the authority and traffic of the blog.
  • Start Your Blog: Start your own self hosted blog or add blog on your business website. After starting your blog, Start posting the high quality content about your niche and increase your audience count. When your audience will grow you can convert them into customers.

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Relation between Content Marketing and SEO

The relation between SEO and content marketing is very strong. You can easily improve your website’s SEO score with content marketing. When you submit your content on different platforms you can insert your link on the content and earn contextual backlink.

The quality backlinks definitely beneficial for SEO because search engines include quality backlink as a ranking factor.


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