The Definitive Link Building Guide For SEO

Link building ! This is a very big topic in SEO and one of the most important part for any blog or website because every blog needs a link building to promote their brand name and increasing the visibility on search engines.

Link building is not difficult but we need to pay the attention when we doing link building. This is not everything in seo but this is a biggest part of seo, Many link building techniques used by webmasters but some link building are good for seo and some techniques are bad for seo.

Link Building

Now the confusing equation is ‘how to find good link building opportunities’? So don’t worry i will tell you the entire link building fundamental on this post and the importance of link building.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is a part of off page seo and this is a process to getting inbound links from external WebPages on your website. Link building is playing the role like a bridge that will help search engines to jump from one webpage to another webpage.

Creating the more links is not the guarantee to increase your rankings but creating the quality and white hat link building will definitely help you to increase rankings and traffic too.

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Search engine algorithms are count link building as major ranking factor and the SERP results are depends on the link quality and link building strategy of the webpage.  Many webmasters and bloggers build the links very quickly for fresh website, Which is very harmful for new website’s SEO.

Benefits Of Link Building

Link building is like a pulse for any blog or website and without the pulse your blog will die, Yes this is true. This process is play the major role for promoting your blog post on internet.

  • Increase Keyword Ranking: The most important benefit of link building is keyword rankings. White hat link building techniques helps to increase the keyword rankings and this is not myth.
  • Increase Authority: When you create authority backlinks for your blog, Your blog’s authority will increase and the high authority blogs have the more chances to better search engine visibility.
  • Increase Traffic: You can increase your referral traffic with link building. If you create the link on high traffic websites then you can get traffic through your link.
  • Brand Popularity: This is another reason of link building. This process will help you to get more popularity for your brand name.

Link Building Mistakes:

Before starting the link building you need to know the common mistakes made by beginners. The beginner bloggers make many mistakes for creating the links for their blog and they will decrease the SEO score of the blog.

So here i am sharing the list of common link building mistakes that you should avoid.

  • Too many Links in Short Time: This is the biggest mistake which is done by many newbie bloggers. When you start any blog, Create backlinks with slow speed because search engine easily detect the link spam and you will get the penalty.
  • Creating links with only one anchor text: This is another big mistake and most of the new peoples in seo are do this mistake but this strategy not working for getting higher search rankings.
  • Low Quality Links: Creating the links from low authority websites has a no value and it can decrease your blog’s authority.
  • Backlinks from irrelevant niche: Getting the backlinks from irrelevant niches are not valuable for your blog or website avoid this type of links.
  • Backlinks with only one technique: If you get the result from one link building technique that is not meaning to create backlinks with only one technique. If you are doing same thing then stop it before you get penalized by any google algorithm update.

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The Golden Rules Of Link Building

Rule #1: Start Link building with slow speed, Increase backlink count when you add more content on your blog.

Rule #2: Don’t target the exact match keyword for link building, Use different keyword phrases and long tail keywords as anchor text.  More keyword phrases helps to rank on LSI keywords.

Rule #3: Always make backlinks on high authority websites and blogs, If you create backlinks on authority websites then you will also increase your blog’s authority.

Rule #4: Make backlinks on relevant niche, If you running health blog then do the blog comment on health blogs, participate on health forum. Don’t post on other niches like: cooking, finance or any other niche.

Rule #5: This is my favorite rule and i recommended to use this. The rule no. 5 is: Use content marketing for create the backlinks and more focus on contextual backlinks because contextual link building is the natural link building.

How To Find Awesome Link Building Opportunities:

Create Linkable Content:  This is the great way to earn natural backlinks automatically. Create the useful and detailed content for your readers, Write blog post as long as possible. Add extra value on your content because many articles already exist on other blogs.

When you create the useful and awesome article then you can automatically earn backlinks on other blogs.

Submit Posts On High Authority Social Bookmarking: Second method is very popular, submit your posts on high authority social bookmarking sites like: stumbleupon, reddit and pinterest etc.

Submit Blog On Blog Directories: There are many high pr blog directories available that allow submission for free. So find the high pr blog directories and submit your urls.

Email Outreach: Create the outstanding email and inform other bloggers about your new blog post. If any blogger likes your blog post then he will link your post on their content and you can earn the link.

Guest Blogging: Guest blogging is the process to posting our content on other blogs. Submit the guest posts on other blogs on your niche, That is beneficial for getting popular your brand name and you will get some extra traffic.

Comment On Other Blogs: This is most common and easy link building technique for every blogger. Find the popular blogs on your niche and comment your opinion on the comment box.

Competitor Backlink: Many free and paid backlink checker tools available to find the backlinks of any website. Use the backlink checker tools and check your competitor’s backlinks to acquire backlinks.

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Search engines are improving their search quality day by day and they decrease the low authority websites on SERP, So i recommend you to focus on quality instead of quantity. Avoid all spam link building technique and create backlinks with only white hate techniques.


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  6. very nice blog. thanks for your nice link building strategy. I review details which you have mentioned nicely. From your article I got a lot of idea really more informative. I keep in your blog for next informative post.

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