Top 5 WordPress Membership Plugins

Membership websites let you try for one of the Holy Grails of business is a continuous income. Tempt someone in with your exceptional content just once, and that person could remain a paying customer for months or if you’re lucky, maybe even years. So are you looking to build a membership site in WordPress? Need to know which is the best WordPress enrollment module? Picking the correct participation module is vital for your business because a better platform means more opportunity for growth.

Best Membership Plugins

Thanks to a superb collection of membership plugins, WordPress is, without doubt, one of the best-equipped platforms for powering a fully-fledged membership website. These membership plugins are loaded with distinctive features such as content restriction, facility of the billing cycle or Payment gateways, drip content and creating advanced membership system.

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There are plenty of membership plugins out there but which membership plugin is right for you? Let’s have look at five of the top WordPress membership plugins by comparing them regarding their features and prices.

  1. ARMember


The main reasons to put ARMember on the top of this list are mentioned below. Our clients adores the ARMember for below reasons.

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Easiest content restriction and protection: with content restriction you can control all your content such as posts, pages, taxonomy, tags, files etc. within few clicks. Moreover, this WordPress membership allows user to restrict content in distinctive ways such as

  • Plan or level based content restriction
  • IP based restriction
  • Specific URL based restriction
  • Partial content restriction
  • Short code based restriction and
  • Customer redirects.

Best User Interaction Forms: Built-in from builder (captcha free enticing forms for login, sign up and password pages), hassle free set-up wizard (unique and simplest method for membership set-up wizard which creates the single short code to make whole participation process simple and advantageous). Moreover, it consists of pricing, payment and registration all together in single module.

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Drip/Periodic Content: with this functionality (three different type of drip rules immediately, after certain time of subscription, and specific date onwards respectively).  ARMember allows you to drip whole page or post as well as partial content of any page. Compared to other membership plugin for WordPress, ARMember offers quite advanced functionality for drip content.

Add-ons:  it is equipped with wide range of paid and free plugins. It includes

  • Affiliated WP: These add-ons along with ARMember plugin will enable the client to get “commission” on sharing Referral of the specific ARMember plan.
  • Cornerstone: Using this add-on, you will be able to add ARMember forms, plan setup, member profile etc. short codes using Cornerstone editor.
  • Mollie: this add-on will give you the facility to pay through Mollie payment gateway.
  • PegSeguro: This add-on will add a payment option for customers to pay with PagSeguro payment gateway.
  • PayPal Pro: Clients are more comfortable to sign up when they are offered convenient and popular payment gateways. This add-on will add a payment option for customers to pay with Credit Cards via PayPal Pay flow.
  • Direct login: It allows you to create the periodic sign-in link so when anyone click on link URL user will be logged in without having user ID and password.
  • Affiliate pro: This add-on will allow you to integrate with Affilite pro for ideal affiliate management system.
  • Zapier integration: This add-on will allow you to integrate different triggers with Zapier like user registration, plan renewal and plan change, user management etc.
  • Infusionsoft: this add-on will allow the user to integrate with Infusion soft.
  • Active campaign: it integrates the ARMember with Active campaign.

Built-in security options:  security is one of the crucial aspect of any WP membership plugin. As we, at ARMember never compromise with security of your site we offer certain security options such as Brute force login protection, IP & specific URL based restriction, allow to hide WP-login page, and option to completely rename or hiding the admin panel.

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Third party integration: of course, there is always room for improvement as so, to extend the range of features we offer the third party integrations are also included. Such as,

  • Buddy press integration
  • BBpress integration
  • ARprice integration
  • Affiliate WP
  • Visual composer
  • Woo Commerce integrations such as PayU, Braintree, eWay, Ogone, mollie and PayPal to buy subscription.

Social login/connect:  compared to other membership plugin WP, ARMember comes with in-built module that allows user to configure various social media website such as Facebook, G+, and Twitter.

Various Payment Gateways:  the best membership plugin WP, ARMember comes with innumerable payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe,, and direct bank transfer. What could you ask for more?

Other Features:  If the list of features mentioned above isn’t enough check this advanced functionality of ARMember which is quite superior to any other WP membership plugin.

  • Ultra secure framework with double email verification upon signing-up.
  • The best member management system with member profile, multiple membership plans, member transaction history & much more.
  • User-friendly tangible UI and well-designed admin panel with an analytical and informative dashboard widgets.
  • Ability to upgrade, downgrade, and cancel and renew membership plans within the single click.
  • Import/export features with great functionality to migrate users.
  • Unlimited plans with free trial period options including various coupon codes discounts.
  • Supports multiple languages, custom currency, Social login and bank transfer with the dedicated professional support team.

It is a Swill Army knife of WordPress membership plugin in every sense.  What could you ask more at cost of just $32?  Yes, ARMember only cost you $32 for the single site which is tremendously lower compared other membership plugin mentioned Below. The other features include easy member management, export/import users, one-click plugin update, ability to downgrade membership, developer friendly APIs, multiple language support, social logins and much more.

  1. Member Press

Member Press

Member press allows you to rock solid membership site and sell digital products securely. Member press has all the features and add-ons that a robust WordPress membership plugin should have. Member press is easy to setup along with advanced content access control, content dripping, payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe) and built-in integration (AWeber, bluBrry, MailChimp, GetResponse, Amazon web services and MadMimi email services).

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The only drawbacks of Member press are, it does not support the mobile payment gateways, no built-in form builder, and lack of add-ons. Though the plugin is developer friendly and extensible where you can integrate certain third party services. The business plan will cost you $99 per year and $199 for developer edition.

  1. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict content pro is known for its ability to create the most secure and conventional membership system with total control of your membership site. Restrict content is created by the same developer team that created AffiliateWP. Restrict pro allows you to create highly intellectual and tangible UI.

It comes with built-in integration such as MailChimp, mail post, CVS export, email manager, Buddy press and Woo Commerce. When it comes to payment gateways, it supports PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree comes as free add-ons while other supported payment gateways include 2Checkout, PayPal Website Payments Pro, PayPal Express, and Stripe Checkout.

Moreover, restrict pro offers three different plans, $99 for the single site with 12 add-ons, $149 for five sites and all available add-ons and top tier plan will cost you $499 for unlimited membership sites and access of all add-ons. Though there are certain features still missing when compared to ARMember which will comes later on.

  1. WP- Member

WP- Member

WP-member has been there for a long and will be there as the best free WordPress membership plugin. Yes, you heard it right. Free membership plugin! Its free core lets you restrict content for non-registered users, drip content, and built-in form generator converting your WordPress-powered website into a fully functional membership site.

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Though there are several limitations such as only payment gate way is PayPal, no buddy press integration, unattractive dashboard with limited widgets and you will have to upgrade to site membership subscription plugin at cost of $59 to access various other features a WordPress membership plugin should have. Still, WP-member is counted as the best free WP membership plugin.

  1. S2 Member

S2 Member

S2 member is quite popular for its availability as free as well as pro version of membership plugin. The free version has certain limited features such as only payment gate way you can use is PayPal, no content dripping, limited integrations (buddy press and Mail chimp) and add-ons.

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While pro version supports most of the popular payment gate ways such as Stripe & but still does not support mobile payment gate way like ARMember does. The base version is free but pro version can cost you $89 for the single site and $189 for unlimited membership site which is quite higher when compared to other plugins such as ARMember which costs you only $32.

Features ARMember Member Press Restrict content pro WP-member S2  member
Payment Gateways PayPal, Pagseguro, mobile payment gateway, PayPal pro,, Stripe, 2checkout, bank tansfer etc. PayPal, Stripe. 2Checkout, PayPal Website Payments Pro, PayPal Express, and Stripe. PayPal Stripe, PayPal and
Integrations Aweber, Buddy press, Woo commerce, MailChimp, AffiliateWP, Mautic, Zapier, infusion soft, Cornerstone, PayPal pro  etc. AWeber, bluBrry,  MailChimp, GetResponse, Amazon web services and MadMimi email services MailChimp, Mailoet, CVS export, email manger, and Buddy press. MailChimp Buddy press and MailChimp.
Content Drip content, content restriction, Woo commerce content restriction, controls from the root etc. Drip content, content restriction, Drip content, content restriction, Content restriction Drip content, content restriction (only in Pro version)
Other Built-in form builder, shortcode  based set-up wizard, free trial plans, developer friendly APIs, SEO friendly, economical, one-click upgrade, downgrade and cancel membership facility, periodic billing,  translator ready, top tier customer support etc. Sell digital products, rock solid customer support, third party services, email notification etc. Woo commerce content restriction, Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP plugins, NA SEO friendly, third party integration, unlimited add-ons (Pro version only)
Price $32 for single site, multiple sites supported though. $99 per year for business and $199 for developer edition. $99 for single site with 12 add-ons, $149 for five sites and all available add-ons and $499 for unlimited membership sites and access of all add-ons. Free but upgradable to site membership subscription plugin for $59 $89 for single site and $189 for unlimited membership site


All of the WordPress membership mentioned above are the top tier membership plugin but not all of them are the perfect one. If we compared to price vs. the volume of features and add-ons they loaded with ARMember wins the game as it has all the top-notch features along with rock solid customer supports at an economical price. Armember is one-of-its kind membership plugin for WordPress which servers all purpose of membership related sites.

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