Planning To Display Interactive Feeds? Use These WordPress Instagram Plugins For Help

With so many users on Instagram, it is noted to be one of the fastest ever growing social networks in this current world and comprises of a social stranglehold on some of the major industries these days. Right from music to fashion, cooking to fitness and even companies related to these marketers have turn to the platform called IG to show off their vibrant and bright photographs. It is perfect for them to connect beyond that of the Twitter and Facebook.

Exceptional Tool For The Brands:

One of the reasons that IG is such a promising tool for brands is because of the simplicity it holds. You can easily take pictures with phone, then end up adding beautiful filter and post online without the need of taking help of a computer at all. It is so much handy and easy when compared to the other photo posting sessions. The format is not just going to be faster than so many other social networks, but the result is likely to be an image that looks creative and professional at the same time.

As the company might have an IG account already, it is not shame to not use this content on website. Fortunately, there are some of the best WordPress IG plugins available, which are way too easy as the WP platform itself. So, in case you are wondering about the WP IG tools, used for displaying interactive feed, you have come to the right place.

Instagram Widget Made by WPZOOM:

The IG widget by the WPZOOM plugin helps in offering you with the widget that you might place in any of the widget area on the site. It helps in displaying a fully customized feed of the latest forms of IG posts. You can choose from tons of layouts, which will include flexible full width based layout for the wide widget areas, and even a grid, which will include multiple posts per row as you might like it.

  • The plugin will definitely look best with the 2 wide grids, 3 wide grids and even with the single column posts.  Visitors can always click on individual posts to see the post and its caption on IG. They might even get the liberty to choose to have button right below posts to follow you.
  • The widget design is considered to be quite minimalistic and showing just the IG posts. Therefore, this plugin can actually interact quite smoothly with some of the best WP theme designs.
  • The design is also proven to be responsive, making it easier for the tablet and mobile users to have smoother user experience in the end. For some extra customized actions, you can customize the design on your own via CSS, if you need it.
  • The best part is that this plugin is free of cost without any paid upgrades needed. You just need one Access Token. However, WPZOOM makes it rather easier for the users to generate one of these token by just visiting online and pressing one button.

This plugin is known to work as it has been described. That being said, it is one of the flexible and easy IG widgets you have ever come across. You get to customize the layout options, which will include one full width widget. It is perfect for generating access key, where the method is rather straightforward.

Time For Enjoy Plugin For Instagram:

Enjoy Plugin for Instagram is one platform, known to offer customized gallery for the IG photos. You get the chance to choose between the grid view or the carousel with some added benefits of procuring short codes and widgets, right in your arsenal. The premium version of this plugin is available within 20 bucks and that is the only package provided.

  • In case, you are planning to head for the free version, it is going to be of great value. It can actually address features like short codes, carousels, widget and even column customization.
  • Well, the premium version is always more advanced with a mere price tag of $20, making it one intriguing option to choose from. With this premium version of the plugin, you can always support more short codes, which will help you to utilize various feeds and multiple hash tags.
  • You might end up with some of the interesting formats like album, Polaroid and even badge views. One of the primary features about this premium is that it involves ability to just click on the IG feed photos and sent to different URL or even to the IG page itself.
  • It is no doubt a simple feature, but it feels nice to have some form of interaction for the photos in place of standardized gallery. You never know but you might plan to link to some sales pages, if the products are properly listed in gallery section.
  • In an overall way, this feed definitely looks to the point and perfectly clean alright. You can even visit the Media Beta Projects website for some demos as provided for multiple views. You can enjoy some beautiful animations for photos, giving customers something interesting to choose from and drawing some more of their attention.
  • The free version of this plugin will definitely offer you with a proper vase and functionality. For the added features, the prices you have to pay are rather minimal in nature, when compared to some of the other added plugins.

You can show galleries and pictures from IG based on the profiles and harsh tags, to name a few. There are mainly two formats available for free version and that will include grid view and carousel. The premium version will add some extra formats to plugin. You will receive short codes for posting on multiple pages with widget for inserting WP IG Plugin in sidebar. Going through these options might help you to select the best WP IG plugins, which can finally help in displaying interactive feeds.

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