How to Start Gaming Channel on YouTube? The Ultimate Guide

So, are you thinking about starting a new journey by creating a gaming channel on YouTube and become YouTube famous? Here is our complete YouTube survival guide to help you with creating the quality video, audience growing, monetizing and managing your YouTube gaming channel effectively and efficiently.

There are few questions you need to ask yourself before you start your own gaming world on YouTube. So let’s start-

YouTube Gaming Channel

Why Do You Want To Start YouTube Gaming Channel?

There are many reasons that you want to start YouTube gaming channel i.e. you want to earn living, you love games, to entertain people and many other Or you may have a great idea to plan to make yourself YouTube famous with gaming channel and make people interest in you, as you know “people are not actually behind what you do but why you do”.

The only thing I recommend you to conduct deep research and get empirical data about what people are actually looking for i.e. keywords and searches and turn your passion for gaming into mind boggling and enthralling Youtube gaming channel. Just keep in mind that even professionals are not getting tons of viewers and subscribers when they are creating content that nobody wants to watch it.

What Should be The Name of Your YouTube Channel?

It is always something that defines your what you actually stands for and also something catchy and fun that amplify your value and makes your channel interesting. You should look at other YouTube gaming channel such as PewDiepie, captainSparkle, Roosterteeth or Yogscast etc. They all have the analogy, they all have favorite games such as Minecraft, Skyrim, call of duty etc and they play it throughout their gaming channel.

It is better to choose the name that will let people predict that content of your channel and of course your channel’s name will actually define your audience. For instance, if your channel is all about GTA it will definitely attract teens and adults.

What Should be Your Equipment and What Gear You Should Buy?

Before you purchase any equipment it will be an auspicious step to figuring out that what will be your content and what kind of foundation you will need for it. Then you can focus on searching purchasing of the equipment you will need to create high-quality original content. Just remember “people loves original content”. Here is what I recommend as your toolkit.
Gaming consoles: Xbox 360, PS4, Wii U, PS3.

Pc: You will need it for editing, recording, and gaming, when it comes to gaming and recording you will need ample amount of RAM(16gb) with the latest intel i7 quad core along with graphics card(Nvidia) and as much storage as possible to store all those HD videos.
capture software: open broadcasting software, FRAPS, for thumbnails Adobe photoshop is the best option and to capture HD Nvidia shadowplay.

Video Production: Adobe premiere

Microphones: Yeti microphones, SHURE M57, MXL 77C etc.

Camera: You Need a Camera to record yourself playing the game. it’s Better to use a vlogging camera than a web camera. so you can check out the best vlogging cameras on vloggerly.

Along with above equipment, you shall have favorite games to play of course and your PC hardware shall work properly such as the webcam. Moreover, you can replace any of above software and hardware as per your requirement and availability as all of them are just used as the reference.

Have a Schedule/Plans and Consistency.

This is one of the most important aspects to follow as most of the YouTubers make one video per day and have the schedule when they upload certain videos so instead of making the wait to your audience they will know exactly when to watch. So it is an imperative to have real time recording schedule which can be the minimum of one video or one hour of work a day. You can do 2 video or 3 videos if you are having time.

For Instance, in The Week You Can Go For This Schedule.

  • Monday – 2 videos of any of your favorite game i.e. Skyrim and Minecraft.
  • Tuesday – two or one video of Minecraft or Skyrim
  • Wednesday – spend the time to reply the comments and messages from YouTubers. Being communicative and responsive will help you to grow your audience and let help you to know what they actually looking for. It was just an example. Hope you will get an idea about having a schedule to get your YouTube channel on top rank.Just remember don’t miss a day and disappoint your audience. You will need at least 400-500 videos a year to make it in the list of popular gaming channel on YouTube.

How should you advertise your channel?

After creating mind boggling videos on regular basis don’t let reputation and value of your YouTube gaming channel get down by advertising in some stupid way. If you want to advertise your YouTube channel do it professionally i.e. sub 4 sub/ subscribe for subscribing, use social media platform such as facebook, google’s own Google plus, twitter, and Instagram.

Just remember don’t put spam comments on other YouTubers video that included the link to your channel or video. It is one of the dumbest ways to advertise as people really don’t even look at comments like this. Sometimes you can higher marketing and advertising professional to advertise you gaming channel.

What’s the most important thing you can do to get more views, watch time and subscribers?
Simple, create original exciting content as per schedule, comments and follow or subscribe similar channels as yours. Create some eye-catching meticulous thumbnails to attract the audience, try to make a video as short as possible not more than certain minutes though so the audience will not get tired of watching video continuously for an hour.

There are many other ways you can increase these parameters by creating previews and thumbnails, ask other YouTubers to market each other’s gaming channel.

Sometimes having eye catchy channel name and profile picture can help YouTubers to get through your channel. Make positive comments on other channels you like to watch and they will definitely go through your channel and may subscribe it too. Moreover, you can use SEO friendly tags and description for your videos to appear in the list of a search of certain keywords.

Things to Remember

Legends are not created in a day. Have great thumbnails, crystal clear video description, SEO friendly tags to get most views, watch time and subscribers. You have to work hard and wait, as long as you uploading great content your channel should be growing right! But it will take time. Better to keep creating original videos, uploading, monetizing & marketing can help you to grow your YouTube gaming channel.

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