Lawyer SEO | SEO For Lawyers and Law Firms

SEO is an essential need for every website because internet is a better than every place to get new clients and customers. Optimizing the law websites is quit different from regular seo but we have the solution for lawyers and attorneys website optimization.

We avoid the old SEO techniques and develop unique strategy for our all clients. We provide proven SEO for lawyers and we already optimized many law websites. We have experienced and dedicated law firm seo experts to perform seo for law firms.

Law firms spend too much money on online advertisement we know that the lawyers digital marketing is very competitive But this is not mean that we can’t rank on the top of google. Almost every people search on google for finding any service like hotel, medical, lawyers etc.

When someone search on google for any service then it got many local results because google preferred to show the nearest service provider and its called local seo. Local seo is very important for every lawyer and law firms because if you are not appearing on the google local search results then you are losing many clients.

Our SEO strategy is based on local search, Law firm websites need local search engine optimization to attract more local clients on particular city and state. When your website appeared on local search results you will get more clients.

Many seo companies provide seo for lawyers and law firms but they perform the same seo strategy for every website. We create unique seo strategy for every website and perform only white hat seo to improving keyword rankings.

Difference Between Regular SEO and Law Firm SEO:

There is no big difference between regular seo and lawyer seo because today completion is very high in every industry but law industry is little more competitive as compared to another market. That is the reason why law firms spending thousands of dollars on internet marketing.

What is our process to increase your website SEO and drive more relevant traffic?

 1. Analyse The Website’s On Page SEO

Our Attorney SEO process is started with analyzing the website and we check all on page SEO of the website. We check complete code of your website and find all on page seo errors and fix them.

  • Perform Keyword research to find relevant keywords for your website.
  • Optimize your title according to search engines.
  • URL optimization check and rewrite urls.
  • Create fresh seo optimized content for the website.
  • Create XML sitemap and submit to search engines.
  • Optimize website’s Image Tags.
  • Write optimized description that attracts search engine and users.
  • Reduce page load time.
  • Create robots.txt if required.
  • Duplicate Content Check
  • Canonicalization
  • Competitor Analysis
  • HTML Sitemap Creation
  • Internal Link Structuring
  • Navigation Analysis
  • Crawl Error Resolution

Search engines preferred well optimized and content rich websites, So we optimize your website’s content according to search engines that will definitely impact on search engine visibility.

 2. Our Off Page SEO and Link Building Strategy:

Off page SEO is the most important part of the Digital Marketing or SEO. In this process we promote the website on internet with different techniques like: link building, content marketing, social media sharing etc.

Most of the SEO companies only focus on the quantity of the links, but we focus on the quality of the backlinks because google updating his algorithm time to time and penalize the websites who use the poor quality link building.

We create only relevant backlinks according to your website and keyword niche. We just find better link building opportunities on the web and then create backlinks for our clients. We use different type of link building techniques that will increase your rankings and protect you from any google algorithm updates.

We make backlinks with the different resources and many link building techniques. We focus on the content marketing because content marketing is the best technique to grow Brand name. We find high quality content marketing platforms like: guest blogging, article submission, press release and promote relevant content to increase brand visibility.

Link Building Techniques That We use:

  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directory Submission
  • Profile Links
  • Image Sharing
  • Audio Sharing
  • Document Submission
  • Video Submission
  • Forum Links
  • RSS Feed Submission
  • Niche Relevant Blog Comment
  • Logo Submission
  • Infographic Submission
  • 2nd Tier Link
  • Guest Blogging Outreach

Why Our Off Page SEO and Link Building Strategy is So Successful?

We know that the too many poor quality backlinks won’t increase your SEO but one high quality backlink will definitely increase your visibility on search engines so we only create high quality relevant backlinks for our clients.

We work only in white hat SEO for Attorneys and not using to black hat and gray hat SEO techniques. We create all backlinks with manual process, we don’t use any automated software or tool for link building. All links create from high quality and relevant resources.

We promote the high quality content on different platforms and link back to the website, that increase brand visibility as well as keyword rankings. We know that the every industry is different from each other so we create unique link building strategies for lawyer search engine optimization.

How You Get More Leads With Our Amazing SEO Services?

Getting more clients without any marketing plan or strategy is next to impossible today because without investing in marketing we can’t reach to our targeted customer base. We know that the world is fully digital now and every people search on Google for his everyday need or any getting any service.

So the best platform for marketing is the internet, we can get our targeted customers from the internet who searching for our services. When we ranked on top for our desired keyword, then we can definitely get targeted visitors to our website and convert them to new clients.

We find and suggest many ways of digital marketing to get more traffic and leads. Our primary digital marketing part is SEO, First we improve your law firm SEO and then we find many other digital marketing strategies to attract more relevant traffic.

Why You Need SEO When You Already Ranked?

Are you already ranked on the top? But you still need seo to stay on top and protect your keyword rankings. Everyone is wants higher rankings on google and if you don’t continue seo then your competitors can drop your rankings.

SEO is a continuous process to protect your keyword rankings and brand name. Google is update their search algorithms that can decrease the rankings of keywords. But we create every backlink on high authority websites and according to the google guidelines.

Our seo techniques are based on pure white hat seo that will protect your website to any google updates and google penalties.

What Does It Cost?

It depends on the competition of the market, We have the plans from $250 to $1200. We also provide custom seo packages to maximize your ROI and generate more online leads.


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