Tips For Fast Indexing Of Your Blog Post

When you create a new blog or published a new blog post you obviously thinking about how to index my blog post fast in search engines. The google-bot crawl every page on the internet and then index but google-bot see many factors about any webpage before indexing.

You know many blogs get indexed there blog posts in just few minutes and other blogs doesn’t indexed there blog posts even many hours. So i think you need to know how to index fast your blog posts.

index blog posts fast

What is the process of indexing ?

  • Basically googlebot, crawler or searchbot is a software created by google to collect data and webpages from around the world and index them in search results.
  • First the googlebot crawl every webpages, in this process the googlebot goes one webpage to another webpage and return back to the google. googlebot collect every data on the webpage like content, meta data etc.
  • After crawling the webpages, the googlebot ready to index webpages according to there search engine visibility. google check many points before indexing like content , keyword density, backlinks of the webpage etc.

Now you understand the cycle of crawling and indexing. search engine crawler also check your sitemap and robots.txt for collecting more information about your blog.

How to get index fast ?

So i am sharing some tips to get faster indexing of your new blog post and gain more search engine visibility.

 1. Content :

create the lengthy content minimum 700 words because google loves the quality content. Always write unique content for your blog don’t copy content to other blogs. write blog post for your readers not only for search engine. Use proper unique title and description for every blog post so search engine can clearly understand about your blob post topic.

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 2. Submit Sitemap :

sitemap is a set of the urls of your blog posts and it’s created in XML format. create your xml sitemap via any plugin or online tool and submit it to google webmaster tool.

 3. Internal Linking :

internal linking plays major role in seo because you know the googlebot goes one page to another page via links. So link your old blog posts in your new post if needed.

 4. Build backlinks :

Build quality backlinks for your new blog post and submit to high pr directory sites. Build backlinks like blog comment, social bookmarking, ping submission etc.

 5. Share on social media :

Social media is also important for indexing your blog post fast. share your new blog posts on popular social media networks.

Facebook : Share your blog post to your facebook fan page. facebook also increase your traffic and help to index fast.

Google Plus : Share your link of blog post on your Google+ page, this is another most popular social network.

Twitter : Twitter is a micro blogging site and you can tweet about your new post on your twitter account and if your blog post is informative for peoples then your tweet gain more retweets.


  1. Great post. I’m learning about indexing now as I’m starting to blog and it’s so important where a lot of people don’t realize it. Thanks for the tips

  2. Yeah I think getting indexed is important if you want to really get exposure on your site. I did it few times too, but I am not quite sure rather I am doing it right or wrong! haha. But I am definitely trying to build more backlinks.

  3. Great tips here and as my blog is not doing well on the SEO I need to pay heed to your tips. I’ve bookmarked your post. I’m not sure what backlinks are yet versus internal links so I need to google this. Thanks for your help.

  4. I have not come up with a new blog post in a few days and I know I have to work on it, if I want my blog to stay on top of the game. Thanks for these tips. I am bookmarking this article for reference. Hopefully, I can get some work done over the weekend.

  5. I wish this post was around when I migrated my blog over to WordPress. I found it hard to get my blog indexed and in fact it took a month. Once the sitemap was approved it took no time! x

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