How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

Every blogger think about how to attract readers to our blog and make blog post popular but if your blog post is not seo friendly then visitors not come in your blog though search engine and only one solution of this problem is “write seo friendly blog post”.
i know what question in your mind. its – How to write seo friendly blog post ?
writing an seo friendly blog post is not so difficult, Good blog post is written for search engines as well as readers because the visitors is key of success for bloggers so provide proper information in your blog post and cover all the points of your blog post.

Read Some Points for Writing Seo Friendly Blog Post :-

  1. Choose your keyword:

first of all choose your keyword for write blog post and do keyword research for choosing keyword many free tools are available for keyword research like google keyword tool, it is a best tool for keyword research and one more thing is you have good knowledge about the keyword you have choose. the keyword is a major factor for seo friendly blog post                                     

2. Optimize your post title:                                                                                           if you select proper keyword then create effective title of your post and use your primary keyword in your post title because the search engines notice keyword in title and visitors also notice keyword in title if your post is show in search results.the title is also show in the top of the web browsers so make sure your title is good for visitors. make sure your title is mention in h1 tag. h1 tag is most impotent for search engine ranking.                                                                                                                                                                
3. Optimize description:                                                                                                    

most bloggers are known what is description and what its importance but many newbie blogger not know about description. the description is play most important role in search engines, description of our post is show in search results. make sure you are mention keyword in your post and write effective description for post because visitors also read description and decide click or not, its effect on your click through rate.

4. Write unique content:

This is most impotent for your post, write unique and useful content for your readers and one more thing: don’t copy any others content because the duplicate content is rejected by search engines. write your own content and cover all points of your topic, your post must be useful and unique.

Conclusion: conclusion of this post is – find keyword with your interest and write unique post for readers, optimize your title and optimize your description with the use of keyword.

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