The Foreseeable Future Of Search Results Considering 2019 SEO Trends

In this digital marketing world, there is a continual research going on to find the intent of the web traffic when they mention any specific keyword. Search Engine Optimization or SEO does typically does not involve stuffing popular keywords simply into the web pages. Considering the modern trends it is more about integrating the keywords. This will ensure that your site delivers exactly what is promised to the visitors.

It is for your own benefit that you should want the consumers intending to seek your products or services get all the relevant and required information at the right place with little navigation and time spent for it in your website. It is your web design that will ensure better SEO score and help the search engines to rank your website just as desired by you. The search engines works in a specific way for this and it involves:

  • Providing the searcher with the best, most accurate and helpful results when they search for a definite phrase in a search engine and
  • Giving the searchers a fair idea about who they should do business with their more practical results.

Therefore, focusing on the intent optimization aspect is the demand of the future search results in 2019 and beyond so that it can facilitate voice search which is the latest and most significant thing in future searches.

User Intent Optimization

The voice search concept is affecting user intent in a more accelerated fashion and in several different ways.

  • It will change the traditional way of typing in the keywords in a truncated version of specific search intent.
  • This will enable the consumer to state clearly what they are looking for in a site for any products or services and get all related information.

To ensure that you have the best user intent optimization and facilitate voice search in the future the best way to proceed is to think that you are the one performing a search. This will enable you to know several things regarding your consumers. You will know:

  • What they are looking for in your website regarding your product or service
  • What calls to action to add so that it will influence the visitors more to learn more about your product or service and
  • What will be the most pertinent value in their experience with your website?

If you consult any SEO Expert you will find that all will agree in unison that user intent optimization is ideally going to be the more important than ever in 2019. This is largely due to the increased use of voice search in the future.

Micro-formats or Schema

There will also be more focus on the coding terms in 2019 by the search engines that will help in better ranking and indexing. For this there will be an increased use of micro-formats that are actually small HTML patterns.  These patterns signal information about any website and help in achieving a better ranking in several different ways.

  • Generally, when the search engine knows more information about your site it will be able to rank it more accurately. That is why it is important that you provide the search engines with more precise and honest description enabling it to know what your website is all about and therefore award it with a better ranking.
  • In addition to that, micro-formats will also make your content more appealing more often than not to the consumers. That means in a way it will entice more clicks. When you have increased clicks you will of course improved ROI and enhance your SEO signals to the search engines, Google or any other.
  • Micro-formats will also add tags and labels to your content. These tags and labels will translate the content of your site to the search engines.

You can use these tags and labels typically by way of rich snippets. This is an option that you may have most likely noticed inside the popular SEO plugins. These snippets will allow the consumers to get information over and above the URL, title, and description merely. These snippets will help your content to be transposed into the SERP display of Google.

This means you can utilize the micro-formats widely if you want the rating with your consumers to display or even your hours of operation. However, micro-formats are not suitable for all websites but you can still use it because it will not hurt the functionality of your website.

If you are not into any business that has to do anything with hours of operation or with ratings, and even do not want a definite location where your consumers may visit you, then micro-formats are not potentially pertinent to your website needs.

Home Assistants and Voice Search

You must have already seen advanced devices that help in searching a website through voice commands. According to different studies it is estimated that more than 50% of all web searches will be done through voice commands by 2020. People now use voice enabled devices such as Google Home that helps people to complete more than 30% of all searches without even having to use a screen.

Voice searches are however longer than the searches entered through specific keyboard or phrase. This means that your SEO must find out specific keywords to use that are not less than seven and more than nine words. These words should ideally be those words that people generally and aptly use in their conversations.

Ideally, these keywords should contain a question in it to make the search more effective and fast. If you choose the right questions then it will be easy for the search engine to divide the leads and direct the searcher to the desired location using dedicated sales funnel. The types of questions to include are:

  • What questions to help consumers find out more general information
  • How questions to find out more specific details
  • When questions to align options and closing and
  • Where questions to let them know whether or not the product they are looking for is in stock.

However, keep it plain and simple for best search results.

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