70+ Article Submission Sites List

Hii readers!! Today i am sharing the top article submission sites to promote your content and getting quality backlinks for your blog and website. Backlinks plays a big role in SEO but the backlink type is more important for SEO.

The SEO is changed a lot after the google panda and google penguin updates. You need to pay more attention on backiink quality and content marketing. Many bloggers thing the article submission is a old Off Page SEO technique but this technique is still effective to get high pr backlinks.

Article submission sites are not just for creating backlinks, This will help you to get extra traffic on your blog and also increase your search engine visibility.

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Most of article submission sites available for free but many sites are paid. But the submission process is almost same for both free and paid.

Article Submission Sites

What Is Article Submission?

Article submission is a very popular seo technique. You can submit your articles on high pr article submission sites and get the backlinks from these sites. The article submission sites allow you to choose relevant category for your article and you can write your author bio for promoting your brand.

You can make your brand more popular with article submission or you can promote yourself as a blogger. Write unique and informative article for submission because the duplicate content may be rejected by some article submission sites.

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How To Submit Article?

Article submission is very simple process and it takes a few minutes to submit articles. Before submitting article make sure your content is unique and helpful for readers. Use the targeted keyword properly and maintain keyword density in article.

Steps To Submit Article :

Step #1: First Open the article submission sites one by one.

Step #2: Register your account with your email address, choose username and make strong password.

Step #3: Now login with your username and password.

Step #4: Click on “Submit Article”, “Submit Content” or “Submit” button.

Step #5: Write the title of your article, Write short description and add your content in article body. Add relevant links on article content.

Step #6: Write your author bio and click on submit button.

Now you will see the success message. Many websites approve your article instantly but some websites not publish articles intently. You will got the mail when your article live on the article submission sites.

The List Of High Pr Article Submission Sites:

  1. http://ehow.com
  2. https://ezinearticles.com
  3. https://hubpages.com
  4. http://www.livejournal.com
  5. http://www.articlesbase.com
  6. https://www.articlecube.com
  7. https://www.articlecity.com
  8. https://www.articlealley.com
  9. https://seekingalpha.com
  10. https://github.com
  11. http://www.merchantcircle.com
  12. https://www.axs.com
  13. https://www.tumblr.com
  14. https://www.newsvine.com
  15. https://evernote.com
  16. https://www.wattpad.com
  17. http://www.magportal.com
  18. https://www.storeboard.com
  19. http://www.readezarchive.com
  20. http://www.myarticle.com
  21. http://www.articles.org
  22. http://www.ezinepost.com
  23. http://www.123articleonline.com
  24. https://www.bysharing.com
  25. http://www.dime-co.com
  26. http://www.articles.seoforums.me.uk
  27. https://articlestars.com
  28. http://www.articlekit.com
  29. http://adarticles.net
  30. http://articlicious.com
  31. http://www.articlecompilation.com
  32. http://ezinearticles.com
  33. http://top7business.com
  34. http://www.streetarticles.com
  35. http://articles.submityourarticle.com/home.php
  36. http://www.articlejoe.com
  37. https://www.otherarticles.com
  38. http://www.libervis.com
  39. http://www.themanager.org
  40. http://www.simplysearch4it.com
  41. http://uberarticles.com
  42. http://www.upublish.info
  43. http://www.evancarmichael.com
  44. http://www.infobarrel.com
  45. http://www.webmasterslibrary.com
  46. http://www.ladypens.com
  47. http://www.earticlesonline.com
  48. http://www.thehealthyvillage.com
  49. http://www.articleslash.net
  50. http://www.apsense.com
  51. http://www.bukisa.com
  52. http://www.articlesfactory.com
  53. http://www.howtoadvice.com
  54. http://www.abilogic.com/articles
  55. http://edarticle.com
  56. http://www.articledoctor.com
  57. http://www.ezinemark.com
  58. https://www.articlecube.com
  59. http://uberarticles.com
  60. http://www.upublish.info
  61. http://www.articlebiz.com
  62. http://www.sooperarticles.com
  63. http://www.a1articles.com
  64. http://www.webmasterslibrary.com
  65. http://www.amazines.com/Archive
  66. http://www.articlealley.com
  67. http://www.amazines.com
  68. http://www.threadwatch.org
  69. https://www.macrumors.com
  70. https://www.powerhomebiz.com
  71. http://www.articlecity.com
  72. https://www.isnare.com


Share your article on these article submission sites and earn high quality backlinks. If you get any issue on submitting articles then comment your issues in comment box.

I am sharing here 70+ sites for article submission but if you have more sites like this then you can tell me i will add in this list.


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