Is it legal to Watch and Stream Movies Online?

Streaming movies online the latest fag among the movie buffs. We just need a laptop and a high-speed internet to watch movies online. Many websites are offering the pirated copies of the latest movies and TV shows which we can watch without paying a dime. Generally streaming the movies online comes under grey area.

Stream Movies online

You may get a letter from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to stop doing it. But if you are sharing the illegally downloaded movies online then it is certainly a crime. There are numerous cases where the normal people who are just sharing the movies online without the permissions have faced humongous penalties and jail sentence. Also check out for top 10 movie sites download

There are a number of misconceptions regarding online movie streaming. It all depends on where you are streaming the movie. Whether the host of the movie has got sufficient permission from the copyright holder or he/she is posting the movies illegally on their website. When it comes to legal aspects, we need to remember that laws are not universal. Laws are different in different states of the same country.

So there are no concrete laws which are applicable everywhere. In some countries, there are no laws regarding the online movie streaming. If you are streaming or watching the movies in order to make profits, then it definitely considered as an illegal activity. However, the laws are not stricter when you just download or stream movies online without expecting any profit.

Movies are actually protected and secured by Copyright laws. You would have seen those red coloured FBI warnings on the backside of VHS tapes. Intellectual Property Laws very seriously declare that it is illegal to share or distribute the movies for making profits without the necessary permissions from the original copyright holders. You need not worry about watching the movies online in all cases.

Websites like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Crackle etc offer tons of movies which you can watch by paying a small subscription fee every month. It’s not illegal to watch movies from these kinds of websites as they have purchased the digital rights from the copyright holder to host the movies on their websites. But when it comes to torrenting, it’s a different game altogether. Torrents are little complicated. If you are downloading movies from the torrents, it’s not just downloading and you are also uploading them.

Torrent work on a magical peer to peer sharing. Your internet will also be used to upload the files which you are downloading. So, that comes under sharing the copyrighted movie content illegally. So, torrenting is definitely illegal and that’s why many prominent torrent websites have been blocked and seized by the US Government.

Torrents are banned in many parts of the world today. It’s definitely illegal to download illegal stuff from the torrents. Torrenters who want to be secure about their identity use VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to protect their privacy. VPNs help to hide the internet activity from the Internet Service Providers(ISPs). VPNs are not based in any country where they need to show the customer records to the legal systems. They also do not keep an activity log of the user.

We suggest you subscribe to the services like Netflix to enjoy the movies in high quality. Netflix just costs $10 every month and it’s definitely worth it. Pirated copies of the movies are the low-quality content. You may not experience the best sound and image quality which spoils all the fun.

The above advice should not be considered as legal advice. This is just our opinion regarding the subject matter. Contact a certified lawyer in your locality for necessary legal advice.

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