Aspects of SEO for SaaS Product Companies

It is said that SaaS market in India is to be valued at more than $10 billion by 2025.  The market that is focusing on B2B companies to sell the product is diverse and after digital marketing industry started to grow, marketing opportunities in SaaS market began to grow.

Marketing of companies offering expensive software catering to funded startups or big companies is a tough job and doesn’t happen in a small budget.

SEO for SaaS Product

There is a lot of difference in marketing for businesses offering B2C and B2B product/service. Companies offering B2C product/service need to deliver a message via marketing and once the message is well delivered, the company has done its part in influencing the customer to buy the product.  This way of advertisement is not valid for companies offering B2B product/service as they don’t have to deliver emotions but logic behind the product, its ROI and other advantages.

There are several questions that are needed to be answered by SaaS companies and they are,

  • About the feature of the product
  • Usefulness of the product to your users.
  • ROI and Benefits of the product.
  • Trend of the product in the market.

As we have stated about Digital Marketing entering the scene, marketing of SaaS products has made life a bit easy.

We will be talking about one marketing strategy that is most commonly used by SaaS product companies; you can also refer to Edigital marketing

  • Inbound Marketing – This form of marketing is helpful for companies to drive potential customers through quality content and efficiently targeted digital ads. The whole process starts with a well designed website with informational content.

1.1 What Do We Mean By a Well Designed Website?

  1. Good UI/Interface – This feature is of utmost importance and also delivers an image of the company. A good interface generally means easy to scroll web page, fast load time, and push bar with brief of your product.
  2. No Overlap of Categories – Each blog post needs to be placed in a perfect category or be set in just a single category unless you want to utilize sub-categories. You ought to optimally have close to 12 total categories. It’s best to determine these categories before you begin your blog so you can ensure that all your substance properly fits into every particular category.
  3. Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and FAQ’s – These are important pages that need to be there on the website. It informs its potential customers on how to use the software, terms of its usage, features, credits for the software, and much more.

1.2 Content Optimization, and Digital Ads  –

  1. Content Optimization – There are several sections of your website that we will review and improve as a major aspect of this process. These incorporate the content or copy, broken links, title tags and Meta tags. Once these improvements are executed, even with websites such as SaaS product based sites with low volume of content will be ranked in top search results.
  2. Digital Ads – With increase in usage of social media interms of number of users and time spent on platforms, social media and search engine has been a hot selling platform for companies to advertise. These social media and search engine platforms allow companies to advertise on lead generation basis, this is helpful for SaaS product companies as they would incur cost only for the leads produced through ads.

We will also talk about the marketing team structure of a SaaS product company –

  1. Vice President of Product Marketing
    • Product Marketer
    • Web Developer
    • UX Research Specialist
  2. Vice President of Content Marketing

2.1 Content Marketer

2.2 SEO Manager

If you want to cut down the cost, you can also replace point no 2.1 and 2.2 by outsourcing SEO to a digital marketing company. Edigital marketing, a SEO company in Bangalore, managed to increase the sales of one of the SAAS companies founded by my friend by 173 percent. It is always good to hire a professional and not depend upon hiring digital marketers with no or very less experience.

2.3 Data Analyst

Management theories state that different supervisor for different teams help to combine efforts and achieve a goal in common as an organization.

Conclusion –

In this article, we read about marketing technique, and marketing team structure. Through the evolution of digital marketing, marketing is still a need to sale products be it B2B or B2C product.

When you are building your own SaaS marketing team and technique, you should look into your objectives and needs and the roles and marketing team organizations outlined above, with the goal that you can assemble a team that will custom tailor the experience for you target market.

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